Avada Theme For WordPress – Features, Price, Pros & Cons 2022

Avada is the #1 Bestselling WordPress theme of all the time at Big themes marketplace, Themeforest.

It has almost everything like 70+ Avada theme templates + Website Builder + WooCommerce, 625k+ Professionals trust,  + Form Builder + Header and Footer Builder + Mobile responsive + Custom post designs and many more.

You can use the Avada theme 100% without any coding experience, Let’s discover how to install & use Avada theme.

Avada Theme & Website builder

1. User Rating

4.8 rating of 642k Users 

2. Performance

Great Performance

3. Value For Money

All in one tool

4. Ease of use

Very Easy to Use

5. Features

  • 70+ Website templates

  • Header and Footer Builder

  • Website Builder

  • Form Builder 

  • WooCommerce

  • Custom post designs

  • Mobile responsive and more

6. Responsive

Mobile responsive

7. Type of Website You Make

  • Blog Website

  • Business Website

  • WooCommerce shop

  • Photography Website

  • Portfolio Website

  • E-commerce Website

  • Corporate Website

  • Wordpress Website

  • Creative Website and more.

8. Type of Themes

Multipurpose theme

9. Price

Only $60 $39/-

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Are you excited to know about why Avada is the #1 selling theme at Eventomarket?

Why 623k+ professionals choose Avada for their WordPress website?

We will discover the reason behind the huge success of the Avada theme and the reason behind choosing the Avada theme by 623k+ professionals.

Avada theme is one of my favourite themes for WordPress, I choose these themes for my business, blog, corporate, agency Clients because it has a lot of features.

In this article, we’re going to take a high-level overview of Avada. If you’re looking at about a theme and you’re just not sure what to pick? then read it at the end.Avada Theme For WordPress

Why Should You Choose the Avada theme?


  • You can create any kind of website you wants such as Blog Website, Business Website, E-commerce Website and more.
  • You can also create your own imaginary website that has a lot of features.
  • It has 70+ Website templates, Header and Footer Builder and templates, Website Builder and more.
  • This is On-page SEO optimize theme that makes your site discoverable.

17+ Best Reasons (Features) to buy Avada Theme in 2022

There are a lot of best features of Avada theme but I choose the most awesome features of Avada theme in 2021.

1. 70+ Pre-made Website templates

  • You can make any website without hard work using pre-made templates.
  • Pre-made Website Templates includes – Blog Website, Business Website, WooCommerce shop, Photography Website, Portfolio Website, E-commerce Website, Corporate Website, WordPress Website, Creative Website and many more websites.

Avada Theme For WordPress

2. WooCommerce features

  • You can integrate your site with woo-commerce easily and make your own E-commerce website.
  • Extra Theme options for Woo-commerce.
  • Fully customizable Shop Pages and products.
  • Easy & Efficient Customer Checkout Process.
  • Start your own shop in minutes by installing woo-commerce.
  • It has fusion page option that customizes products and pages.
  • Easy drag & Drop Features.

Avada Theme For WordPress

3. Plugins Included with Avada theme

  1. Avada builder
  2. Slider Revolution
  3. Fusion White label Branding
  4. Layer Slider
  5. Advanced Custom Fields Pro
  6. Convert Plus
  7. FileBird.

4. Form Builder

  • 19+ Quickly form builder designs for your site.
  • Awesome informative forms engage your audience.
  • Custom designs and templates form to look beautiful website.

5. Header Builder

  • Create beautiful Header that you want.
  • Design and build dynamic headers.
  • You can build a different header for different pages.
  • Awesome headers look attractive and professionals to the audience.
  • Responsive & Customizable Header.

Avada Theme For WordPress

6. Footer builder

  • Create beautiful footer and engage your audience.
  • Make branded & SEO optimize footer.
  • Dynamic & responsive footer.
  • Fully Customizable Footer.

7. Designs Integration with Plugins

  1. Events Calendar
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Contact Form 7
  4. bbPress.

8. Custom Single Post & Portfolio Post

  • You can create & manage custom post & Your Portfolio Post.
  • You can show & hide particular widgets in your post.

Avada Theme For WordPress

9. Avada theme Dynamic Content Options

  • You can control the overall content that is present on your site by dynamic content options.
  • You can control post title, post time, Post Ids, Post Excerpt, Featured images and many more.

10. 1-Click Demo Import

  • If your site is new and you do not want to create every point of the website by hand. Then, demo import helps you to create a website in few second.
  • After importing demo content you can modify your site and congratulation you can build your site in a few seconds.
  • If you want to change your demo content, then click on delete demo content and import new content.

11. Professional, World-Class Support

  • Live Chat support
  • E-mail support
  • Website Problem Fixing support.

12. Advance Privacy Tools

  • GDRP Compliance
  • Customize privacy banner
  • Google Font management
  • Control Third Party
  • Control Constant Contact
  • Control Tracking Code

13. Unlimited Designs

Designs are everything and it has unlimited designs form unlimited pages. It has different unlimited design and you can build unlimited page designs.

14. 100% SEO Friendly

SEO matters most and this theme had full control over SEO Optimization & SEO Page & Post Content.

15. Flexible Columns

You can optimize the size of any boxes like form, images, texts.

16. Sticky Containers

You can stick forms at any location of the site like call-to-action forms, newsletter forms, E-book forms and many more.

17. 100% Responsive Across all devices

  • Avada theme is a mobile, desktop, tab, laptop responsive.
  • It works on all browser and fastest loading speed.
  • Perfect for Every device.

18. 23,000+ 5-star Reviews

643k active installation and Professional users of 5-star reviews. So you can imagine how amazing is this theme.

Avada theme Pros & Cons

Avada theme Pros

  • Create Multiple purpose Website according to your need.
  • Fusion Builder – Fully Control over the website Customization.
  • Lifetime Update for free.
  • The high-Quality theme that vale for money.
  • 74+ Pre-made Demo themes.
  • Customize Header & Footer and Forms of website.
  • SEO Optimize & Responsive to all devices.
  • Super Customer Support.
  • Detailed Documentation & video tutorials for Users.
  • Superfast Loading Speed.

Avada theme Cons

  • It has a lot of features and it is difficult to use the theme for new users. But You can learn from video documentation provided by Avada.
  • You can be facing problem when you re-design the theme page.
  • Sometimes some of the shortcodes are not showing in the live pages but after in some time, it works well.

Avada Theme
Ultimate Themes & Plugins
Avada Theme
#1 Bestselling theme of all the time, Avada theme & Website Builder & WooCommerce, 625k+ Professionals trust, 70+ Avada theme templates + Form Builder + Header &...Show More
#1 Bestselling theme of all the time, Avada theme & Website Builder & WooCommerce, 625k+ Professionals trust, 70+ Avada theme templates + Form Builder + Header & Footer Builder + WooCommerce + Mobile responsive + Custom post designs and more. Show Less


3 Step to Fast Launch Your Website With Avada theme

Step – 1: Install Avada theme

If you are Already Purchased Hosting and Domain. Then simply Download Avada theme from ThemeForest.net after purchasing and upload the theme to your WordPress website and if you don’t have Hosting & Domain then simply purchase from Hostinger ( King of the Hosting & Domain Company).

Step – 2: Select Demo Website

After installation of the Avada theme, you can simply import the Demo content and modified them according to your need to your site. If you want to make a blog website then import blog demo content.

Step – 3: Launch Your Site

After importing demo content, you can modify a website by uploading your site logo and other content and launch the website that lives on google.

Avada Theme Demos

  • Blog Website

  • Business Website

  • WooCommerce shop

  • Photography Website

  • Portfolio Website

  • E-commerce Website

  • Corporate Website

  • WordPress Website

  • Creative Website and more.

Avada Theme For WordPress

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial Guide of Avada Theme 2021

Here is a full guide about the Avada theme. In this video Guide of Avada theme, You will learn – How to Purchase Avada, How to Install Avada, How to use Avada theme, How to make a beautiful website using Avada, How to make clients Website and more Guide about this awesome theme.

Quick Overview of How to Install & use Avada Theme in WordPress 2021

Avada fusion builder

  • You can install Avada theme at a time on your website with lifetime updates. When you install Avada you have to go through the process to install the theme and then you have to install fusion builder.
  • In the fusion slider so this is Avada and this is continually updated with new demo content that you can quickly and easily install Avada theme.
  • But instead of this, the Avada theme does allow you access to the Fusion Builder, which allows you to create custom blog posts with ease.
  • You can add a countdown, awesome iconic, google map, pricing tables, recent posts. You could create buttons for products, you can create email opt-in forms, within the blog post very quickly.
  • I personally prefer Gutenberg, but the fusion builder is quite nice and also they have the fusion builder live mode.
  • Avada has a nice front end page builder, so for each individual blog post front end of the website, you can start adding a blog post elements with ease.

Demo Import

  • You can install Avada theme demo content, just click on this import.
  • Now what I like about Avada is that it gives you this granular control over what items you want to install. Because with a fresh install of WordPress you can install all post, pages, portfolios.
  • You install the whole demo content and start customizing and editing, that’s gonna take a little bit of time to edit. but you basically have a website that’s completely done. Then you just have to edit the content, delete images, delete blog posts that you don’t want.
  • But, if you already have an established website, then I highly recommend not doing this because it’s just gonna be such a headache to go through and delete all the random blog posts and pages that are automatically imported.

Avada theme Customization

  • So if you’re willing to sit down and learn how this tool works, you can start creating a really nice piece of content.
  • The advantage of Avada is that you can really customize a lovely-looking homepage and then you have really granular control over each individual blog posts.
  • Avada comes with a lot of different other features as well you have you come with the fusion slider and it also comes with different options to change like the font and typography.
  • In the back end of Avada where you can really get into a lot of detail with layouts response of colourist, headers fonts, typography all of these details. So you have a lot of control over the look and feel of your website.
  • So you know that’s good and bad like it’s bad because it’s kind of a learning curve, but it’s good because you have full control over the website.
Avada Theme
Ultimate Themes & Plugins
Avada Theme
#1 Bestselling theme of all the time, Avada theme & Website Builder & WooCommerce, 625k+ Professionals trust, 70+ Avada theme templates + Form Builder + Header &...Show More
#1 Bestselling theme of all the time, Avada theme & Website Builder & WooCommerce, 625k+ Professionals trust, 70+ Avada theme templates + Form Builder + Header & Footer Builder + WooCommerce + Mobile responsive + Custom post designs and more. Show Less

Conclusion  of Avada WordPress theme

To Sum up, If you don’t have coding knowledge and you want to create awesome websites & pages for multipurpose, then you should try Avada theme because it has a lot of features and you can make creative websites as you want.

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