Top 13+ Best Bloggers in India 2022 [Famous+Rich]

Do you know who are the best bloggers in India? How much do they earn monthly? How are you going to become a successful blogger in India? If you are curious to know about this, then read this article to the end.

Blogging is much-sharing information to the users on specific topics and genres like tourism, technology, comparison, and even blogging tips for newbies.

Here in this article, we will tell you about the top 15 bloggers of India who are making their living from blogging online.

I am pretty sure that you must have visited the blogs of any of these bloggers once in your life. They are popular because these bloggers get millions of views every month and have a massive audience base.

The prime reason we are sharing the list of top bloggers is to inspire you with their success stories.

Famous & Rich 13+ Best Bloggers in India 2022

Money Earned By Bloggers: The amount of money these bloggers are making is more than the salary of any doctor, engineer, or small businessman.

The money they earn is only because of the relevant information they share on their blog website. Here is the list of the top 15 bloggers in India:

#1. Amit Agarwal

#1. Amit Agarwal | Best Bloggers in India

Amit Agarwal is one of the most popular bloggers of Indian origin. He is the first Indian to become a professional blogger. He is the inspiration of almost all newbie Indian bloggers.

He manages two digital inspiration websites i.e. ( and In an interview, he claims the biggest reason for his success is consistency and hard work.

He is not a blogger by birth. When we talk about his qualifications he holds an engineering degree in the field of computing science and worked with various distinguished companies and corporations.

After that, he started his blogging website, and after getting a passive source of income from blogging he quit the job and became a full-time blogger. So that’s why he is on the list of the #1 best bloggers in India.

Blogger NameAmit Agarwal
Age40 years
Location New Delhi, India
Website/ and
Website GenreDigital Inspiration
Estimated monthly income$60,000/ month
Alexa rank in India 2,313
CTRLQ.ORG: 8,385
Global Alexa 14,975
CTRLQ.ORG: 36,040

#2. Shradha Sharma

#2. Shradha Sharma | Best Bloggers in India

In India, females were considered made for household work only until women like Shardha Sharma became the best female blogger in India. He holds a website that is a globally recognized media website. She started a website named, in 2008. The main objective of the website is to share the stories of founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

Earlier she used to work with Times of India and CNBC Tv18 which are two popular media channels in India. She also has a LinkedIn profile which she selected among the top 500 influencers globally. And another milestone of her life is when she was honored with the L’Oreal Paris Femina Award in 2015.

In the last 14 years, has been working with various renowned international brands and has become India’s no. 1 platform for entrepreneurs with an experience of around 15000+ entrepreneurs. So that’s why she is on the list of the #2 best bloggers in India.

Blogger Name Shradha Sharma
Age unknown
LocationPatna, Bihar, and works but she used to work from Bangalore, India
Blog genre Media Website
Estimated monthly incomeHer estimated revenue is around $30,000/per monthly
Alexa rank in India 752  
Global Alexa rank 7,712

#3. Harsh Agarwal

#3. Harsh Agarwal | Best Bloggers in India

Harsh Agarwal is known for his unique blog name ShoutMeLoud also known as SML, through his blogs, Harsh teaches people how to make money online through blogs and websites. Also, you will learn the basics of WordPress and blog management. SML was founded in 2008 and In the last few years, it has grown and become one of the top blogs in India.

From social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and web hosting all related articles and information is available on the ShoutMeLoud blogs. He is an engineer by profession and has worked with one of the top companies, Accenture. But following his passion for blogging, he quit his job and became a full-time blogger.

Other than ShoutMeLoud he owns various other websites including WPhostingDiscount, ShoutMeTech, WPSutra, and CoinSutra. His guidance through his blogs is considered genuine and 100% accurate. Many newbies get benefited and start earning online. So that’s why he is on the list of the #3 best bloggers in India.

Blogger Name Harsh Agarwal
Age 32 years
Location New Delhi, India
Website GenreSEO, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, etc
Estimated monthly income $52,434/month
Alexa rank in India   1972 
Global Alexa rank23,650

#4. Varun Krishnan

#4. Varun Krishnan | Best Bloggers in India

His blog website FoneArena is awarded as the biggest phone and tablet database globally. Varun Krishnan is a full-time blogger and in his Blogs, you will find the unboxing and review blogs of various mobile devices and electronics.  You can consider him the Techburner of blogs. He started his blogging career in 2005 when there were no mobile users in India.

But after technological enhancement and cheap internet, his blogging website got a sudden boom and became one of the best blogs in India. You will find a detailed review of the latest Mobiles, Computers, Cameras, Laptops, and Tablets on his blogs. So that’s why he is on the list of the #4 best bloggers in India.

Blogger NameVarun Krishnan
Agenot known
LocationChennai, India
Website Genregadgets review and unboxing
Estimated monthly income$22,000/month
Alexa rank in India1973 
Global Alexa rank 19,756

#5. Srinivas Tamada

#5. Srinivas Tamada | Best Bloggers in India

Srinivas Tamada is the founder and writer of a famous blog, it is one of the most popular programs and web design blog websites, there are more than millions of regular visitors to his blogs because of the high skills required to write such complex technical blogs. He is the inspiration for newbie bloggers who want to build a career in blogging and earn a passive source of income.

He is a UI architect by progression and a blogger by passion. He develops various popular software and one of them is Wallscript, it is a social networking software through which users can create and manage their networking websites easily. He sells his codes for a certain amount. So that’s why he is on the list of the #5 best bloggers in India.

Blogger NameSrinivas Tamada
Agenot known
Location Andhra Pradesh, India
Website Genreprogramming
Estimated monthly income$20,000/month
Alexa rank in India9,281
Global Alexa rank 76,046

#6. Ashish Sinha

#6. Ashish Sinha | Best Bloggers in India

Number #6 in our list of top 15 best bloggers in India is Ashish Sinha. In earlier times, before 2007 he used to work with famous companies i.e.

Yahoo, and IBM. But he started his blog site named NextBigWhat in 2007. His blogs are based on startups, technology, and entrepreneurship. The main motive is to provide a reasonable path to the new generation.

All his achievements in his life are only because of his hard work and risk-taking factor. He used to quit his job at a multinational and work full-time as a blogger. So that’s why he is on the list of the #6 best bloggers in India.

Blogger NameAshish Sinha
Agenot known
Website Genre startups and entrepreneurship
Estimated monthly income  $18,000/month
Alexa rank in India9406 
Global Alexa rank80,785

#7. Arun Prabhudesai

#7. Arun Prabhudesai | Best Bloggers in India is an India-based Technology, Telecom, Internet, and Mobile blogging site that is founded by Arun Prabhudesai in 2007. After getting a sudden boom in 2018, this blog site has become one of the most popular telecom blogs in India. He is an IT professional and internet geek specializing in entrepreneurship, stocks, and politics.

One of the biggest milestones his blogs grab is when it is nominated as the top 10 Indian business blogs by Times Online. So that’s why he is on the list of the #7 best bloggers in India.

Blogger NameArun Prabhudesai
Agemid 30’s 
LocationPune, India
Website Genrestartups, telecom, and politics
Estimated monthly income$15000/month
Alexa rank in India2989
Global Alexa rank40,300

#8. Jaspal Singh

#8. Jaspal Singh | Best Bloggers in India

Jaspal Singh is the founder of which is one of the most popular Indian blog sites. He was a mechanical engineer by profession and is now a full-time blogger. The main focus of his blogs is internet tips, computing, and software. Other than his blogging passion he is also a gym enthusiast and spends a lot on his fitness and wellness.

He works with many reputed companies as a mechanical engineer but quit the jobs following his passion for blogging. Also, his blogs are focused on coding, designing, and lifestyles as well. So that’s why he is on the list of the #8 best bloggers in India.

Blogger NameJaspal Singh
Agenot known
LocationJaipur, India
Website Genrecoding, computing, and designing 
Estimated monthly income$8,000/month
Alexa rank in India11,418 
Global Alexa rank41,205

#9. Amit Bhawani

#9. Amit Bhawani | Best Bloggers in India

Amit is known for his health and technology blogs uploaded regularly on his blogging site named, you will find genuine and 100% accurate content with facts on his blogging site. Additionally, he occasionally uploads articles related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and about India as well. So that’s why he is on the list of the #9 best bloggers in India.

Blogger Name Amit Bhawani
Location Hyderabad, India
Website Genrecoding, computing, and designing
Estimated monthly income$14000/month
Alexa rank in India46,819
Global Alexa rank 318,190

#10. Akshay Hallur

#10. Akshay Hallur | Best Bloggers in India

Akshay is one of the renowned bloggers in India with an experience in digital marketing and digital training. From his college days, he has grown an interest in studies and that is the only reason he discontinued his studies and became a full-time blogger.

He helped the newbie bloggers and provided tips and tricks through his blogs. So that’s why he is on the list of the #10 best bloggers in India.

Blogger NameAkshay Hallur
Age27 years
Website GenreSEO, WordPress, Blogging
Estimated monthly income  $17000/month
LocationKarnataka, India
Alexa rank in Indiatop Indian Blogs
Global Alexa rank487,618

#11. Archana Doshi

#11. Archana Doshi | Best Bloggers in India

After a lot of digitals and IT bloggers, here comes the kitchen queen. She is the most popular blogger famous for kitchen tips and tricks. You will find almost all the popular dishes with their health benefits on her blogging site.

She also provides diet plans and dishes according to festivals. Her blogging site is named after her i.e. Archanaskitchen. So that’s why she is on the list of the #11 best bloggers in India.

Blogger NameArchana Doshi
Age 41
Location Bangalore, India
Website Genrekitchen, food recipes, diet plans 
Estimated monthly income$15000/month
Alexa rank in India8664
Global Alexa rank60319 in the cooking and recipes category

#12. Jignesh Padhiyar

#12. Jignesh Padhiyar | Best Bloggers in India

Almost 40% of mobile phone users are using Apple-based products. To help them, Jignesh Padhiyar along with his friend Dhvanesh started a blogging site named iGeeksBlog.

The main focus of their blogs is a detailed review of Apple products along with features and how to use them. Only news, reviews, features, and technology related to Apple are shared in their blog. So that’s why he is on the list of the #12 best bloggers in India.

Blogger NameJignesh Padhiyar 
Age33 years
LocationGujarat, India
Website Genrereview of Apple products
Estimated monthly income$15000/month
Alexa rank in India 14,187
Global Alexa rank59,114

#13. Anand Khanse

#13. Anand Khanse | Best Bloggers in India

Anand Khanse is an old-age blogger who started his blog in 2007 named Anand Khanse. He used to focus on Windows Vista but soon started to upload blogs related to the latest Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9, and so on. His age is around 55 years and still an active and regular blogger. So that’s why he is on the list of the #13 best bloggers in India.

Blogger Name Anand Khanse
Age55 years
Website GenreMicrosoft Windows
Estimated monthly income$30000/month
Alexa rank in India3310
Global Alexa rank 14,806

#14. Shivya Nath

#14. Shivya Nath | Best Bloggers in India

She is one of the most popular female bloggers in India. She used to work as a freelancer, storyteller, and travel blogging. In 2011, she quit her job and started traveling globally but soon, in 2016 she started her blogs describing her journey across the world. She named her blog TheShootingStar. So that’s why she is on the list of the #14 best bloggers in India.

Blogger NameShivya Nath
Age 32 years 
LocationDehradun, India
Website Genretravel and tourism
Estimated monthly income$5,000/month
Alexa rank in India99,384
Global Alexa rank13,71,359

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Blogging can be a great way of earning a massive amount of money. Some popular Indian bloggers used to earn much more than you imagine. Hope you will feel motivated after reading the success story of the top 13+ best bloggers in India.

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