How Many Youtube Views to Make Money? 2022

What are the average amount you can earn after receiving 1000 views per month, 10K views per month, and 100K views in a month? I’m going to tell you how much youtube channels could earn by getting more than 1 million views per month. First, we must be aware of the amount that YouTube channels make per 1000 views. It is contingent on many different aspects. Are you marketing affiliate products through your channel or are you relying only on advertising revenue?

” If you’re following my top suggestions, you’re will be able to earn more from ads revenues of YouTube and through affiliate sales as well. “

How Many Youtube Views to Make Money? 2022

How Many Youtube Views to Make Money

When it comes to youtube ads income, it’s all about how much advertisers are paying, and the amount of money they’re advertising specific keywords for instance, there are greater advertisers advertising specific keywords such as finance, technology, and health, these kinds of subjects that many advertisers are looking to advertise on are earning a lot more revenue as a result.

This isn’t to say that other topics like terrifying videos or pranks won’t be popular on youtube frequently even though they’re not earning the same amount of money per 1000 views on their channel.

Niche YouTube Channel Vs Entertainment YouTube Channel

Many of these channels may be earning a substantial amount of money because of the number of views they receive, so how much can you expect to earn per 1,000 viewers on your channel? As I mentioned, it all depends however let me provide some numbers, and before I start, let’s distinguish niches that have low CPM from more niches. CPM refers to the cost per mile. It is an advertising term that refers to the amount that advertisers spend per thousand.

Views or impressions on their ads are now included within your analytics on YouTube as a way of determining the amount of money you earn per 1000 views of your channel. In low-CPM niches like prank channels or frightening videos or similar, I’ve observed that you can earn between one and three dollars per 1000 views in these niches.

You could earn anywhere from 30-50 cents per 1,000 views within a high CPM niche. Let’s say you earn about six dollars per 1000 views generated by ads for your channel. Now let’s take a look at the cash you can earn with a thousand views, 10k, 100k views, or maybe even one million in a month on the channel.

1. How much youtube pay for 1000 views in  2022?

Let’s begin with 1000 views a month. So with a 6-dollar CPM on your channel having a thousand views a month will result in approximately six dollars per month of ad revenue. we can also assume that you’re advertising products that are affiliate-based that will cost one hundred dollars.

You’ll earn a 50 percent commission on each and every sale you earn. This would amount to fifty dollars for each sale that you receive today in the event that just one percent of the people who view your video was to click on the link that you have in your description and buy the affiliate product you’d make fifty dollars.

If you’re able to get a thousand views per month on your YouTube channel, you are likely to earn around one sale from affiliates per month. This means you could anticipate earning approximately fifty dollars a month by selling affiliate products.

So this would translate to an amount of just 56 bucks per month if you’re receiving 1,000 visitors per month to your site. as i mentioned, this will heavily depend on if you select an appropriate niche you are able to advertise affiliate products to, but I’m going to show the viewers some instances.

2. How much Youtube pay for 10k views in 2022?

10,000 views per month, how much can you earn from your channel? when your channel gets 10 000 views per month, you should expect to earn 60 dollars per month out of advertising revenue, also at a six-dollar CPM. If we use the same instance of promoting a $100 affiliate product, where you earn fifty dollars per sale you earn and only a single percent of your viewers by this would result in 10 sales, each at 50 that’s 500 per month from affiliate revenue, so this amounts to $560 per month, assuming you’re receiving 10,000 views per month on your channels.

3. How much Youtube pay for 100k views in 2022?

So what is 100,000 views per month? At this point? You can begin earning a substantial income from your channel. This is the point where things start to become exciting. So at 6 dollars per CPM, you could earn around 600 dollars per month through your YouTube channel, generating 100 thousand views per month. But where it truly becomes a bit insane is when you begin adding affiliate sales.

Let’s assume you’re advertising 100 affiliate products and you receive a 50-percent commission on every sale you make if only 1 percent of your viewers purchase this affiliate product which amounts to five thousand dollars per month in affiliate earnings, which amounts to an amount $56,000 each month, based on one hundred thousand views per each month from your channels.

Now, a hundred thousand views every month for your YouTube channel isn’t as difficult as you may think it will be to attain. I mean if you’re already receiving ten thousand views each month for your YouTube channel, it’s not that difficult to reach one hundred thousand views per month.

It really involves growing, creating more content, and analyzing and optimizing your content based on data. And as I said, i’ll show you some instances that show it’s possible for some products to promote to possibly hit certain numbers, along with some of the top niches with high CPM in two seconds.

4. How much youtube pay for 1 million views in 2022?

But first, let’s take an overview of the amount of cash you could make by generating a million views per month on your channel. This is the place where you can begin to earn a hefty amount of revenue and you could be pleasantly surprised by the figures I’m going to share. At 6 dollars per CPM, you could earn 1 million views per month, that’s about six thousand dollars just from the ad revenue alone, so how do you earn affiliate income?

Well when you’re advertising that 100 products, just 0.1 percent of buyers purchase this product with one million unique views per month and earn a 50 commission, that’s 50,000 dollars per month, just from affiliate earnings, which is a total of 56,000dollars per month in this particular instance for millions of views per month on the channel.

Best High CPM Niche on YouTube that makes 50,000$ per month

How Many Youtube Views to Make Money

So, as I mentioned earlier I’m going to show you the most effective niches with high CPM to earn the most money you could possibly make per 1,000 views for your channel, however before that, let me provide an example of the amount you can earn from one million views per month on the channel within the high-CPM niche.

In niches with high CPM, you may earn between 30-50 dollars per thousand views you get on your channel I’ve seen what that I’ve made today, if receiving a million views each month for your channel, that could be up to 30,000$ – 50,000$ views per month, just from advertising income alone from your channel. And this doesn’t even include the affiliate revenue potential you could earn.

Here are a few of the top CPM niches on YouTube. These include the finance niche as well as the

  • technology niche. 
  • health niche 
  • automotive 
  • investment niche.

What factor makes this niche high-CPM on YouTube?

What is it that are the factors that make these niches high CPM? and as I’ve said, there are more advertisers that want to market on these niches and these specific keywords than the other keywords and niches you can find on YouTube.

If you’re just starting out on YouTube, the prospect of making money from your videos might seem like an unreachable goal. After all, how can you start earning money when you only have a few hundred subscribers? As it turns out, you don’t need millions of subscribers to start making money from your videos.

There are plenty of ways to monetize your channel that require far fewer subscribers than most people think. In this article, we explore exactly how many subscribers you need to make money from your YouTube channel and what kind of monetization options are available to you at different subscriber levels.

How to Rank Top on YouTube Search Results?

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How Many Youtube Subscribers to Make Money?

How to Start Making Money on YouTube as a New Creator?

As a new creator on YouTube, you have a few different ways to earn money from your videos. The most straightforward method is to monetize your channel through the YouTube Partner Program. In order to do so, you must have a minimum of 10,000-lifetime views for every video on your channel because you have to be 18 years or older.

As a new creator, you’ll also have to meet certain criteria to join the program. In most cases, you’ll need to have a Google AdSense account and a valid Social Security number. YouTube will review your channel before accepting you into the Partner Program.

If your channel doesn’t meet the site’s monetization requirements, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to fix the problem. You can check your monetization status at any time through your YouTube account. Once your channel meets the requirements, you can enable monetization by ticking a box in your account settings.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make money from your YouTube channel as a new creator. The key is to start monetizing as soon as possible. As your channel grows, it will become harder and harder to attract advertisers.

Once you have a few hundred subscribers, you can start making a decent amount of money from YouTube. It’s worth noting that most channels don’t become profitable until they have thousands of subscribers. For example, the average earnings per channel with 1,000 subscribers is $500 per month.

It’s important to remember that YouTube is a long-term investment. You won’t see any revenue from your channel for at least six months and often closer to a year.

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