How to Boost Site Speed and Improve Google Ranking 2022

Do you want to grow your business online by knowing your website speed performance?

You can see how your site performs in previous years, the previous month, etc. of 2020, and if you know about your site, then you can improve your site speed as you observed in the previous year.

Today I will give you a detailed guide about “How to Boost Site Speed and Improve Google Ranking quickly in 2022.”

Now you can improve your site speed for a better user experience and you will get a detailed report about improve site speed.

Improve Your website speed with MonsterInsights

You are putting your all efforts into your website by uploading a lot of content and designing lots of pages, But it slow-down your site speed and it takes time to load your site in front of the user.

If your site loading speed slows down and you are confused about it, what decreases my site loading speed?

If you want to get your website speed performance, then you can do something for your site, Right!

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress Plugin for check your site performance and it gives you a detailed overview of, what factors affect your site speed?

Here is the MonsterInsights site speed report –

How to Boost Site Speed 2021

After analyzing your site speed, you can make your site fast-loading, it gives a better experience to your audience and your audience spend more time on your site.

If the user experience is better, then your audience easily converts into your customers. Google ranking depends on website loading time.

How to know about my website speed?

You have to install MonsterInsights on your WordPress Website, it will give you a full Site Speed report on your dashboard.

You can see which factor slows down your website speed and which part of the website needs improvements.

You can get the most important site stats like-

  • First Contentful Paint – It shows how much time your site takes to load fonts, images, colors. So that you can improve mistakes that slow down your website.
  • Server Response Time  – It is the time of the server that responds to your user to the site. If it is more, then it takes more to load your site to the users.
  • Total Blocking Time – It is the time to interact with your user to the site.
  • Time to Interactive – It is a time to load your first view of the site to interact with users.

MonsterInsights helps you to get your site performance report and recommend you to boost your site speed, it will boost your server response time.

How to Boost Site Speed 2021

How your site speed helps your business to grow?

  • Website speed is one of the big factors to rank in Google search engine.
  • It helps your audience to get a better experience with your content.
  • It helps your site be trusted by many other brands or websites.

MonsterInsights 7.14 – NEW Site Speed Report Review

Do you want to improve your website speed performance in 2021 and want to rank on the first page of google?

By using MonsterInsights, you can find out which page of your site gets most of the traffic with keywords. By knowing this, you can make a strategy according to it and improve your google ranking.

If you know that your site has popular keywords that rank on Google, then you can make similar content related to that and boost organic traffic.

The site performance report helps you to get information about popular products that are sold on your E-commerce store, Your revenue, product tracking.

MonsterInsights gives you full power to optimize your website and you can maintain & grow easily by knowing this.

I hope you find out this article helpful to your website and if this helps you, Let me know in the comment section.

Thanks for reading this article.


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