How to Download Video from YouTube on Any Device 2022

are you want to Download Video from YouTube for absolutely free?

are you facing any problem in downloading YouTube videos?

One time, I was also facing problems for downloading videos from youtube, but Now I have discovered the How to Download Video from YouTube on iPhone/all devices for free in 2021.

1-click download YouTube videos in multiple formats mp4-1080p, mp4-720p, mp4-480, mp4-360p etc for free in your mobile/computer/PC in 2020.

YouTube is #1 great platform on the whole internet. YouTube contains millions of videos and thousands of video daily uploads on YouTube. It has thousands of music videos, movie trailers, comedy shows Entertainment, Educational videos, it is a great source of Knowledge for free and anyone can learn anything from this.

So most of the people want to download Video from YouTube on iPhone, mobile and computer/PC for offline watching or watching later and for educational purposes. Because people are not always connected with WIFI, so they download Youtube Video for later watching. There are the same methods for all devices to download YouTube videos in 2020.

1-Click to Download YouTube video from – Click here.

7+ Best way to Download Video from YouTube in 2022:


Is downloading Video from YouTube legal?

Downloading YouTube videos from any third-party app & website is against YouTube’s Terms of services – which state that you only stream videos from YouTube servers, you shall not copy, distribute, reproduce, display, sell and transmit YouTube videos without permission of licence holder and if you download any video from YouTube, you get potential copyright infringement unless you have permission from copyright holders.

1. How to Download Video from YouTube on iPhone in 2022:

Step 1: Search your wishing video on YouTube:

Go to the YouTube app on your mobile and tap on the search bar and search your wishing video for download. After search goes to the 2nd step.

How to Download Video from YouTube on iPhone 2021
Open YouTube app


How to Download Video from YouTube on iPhone 2021
Search for download YouTube videos

Step 2: Open your favourite YouTube video for download:

After a search, Open your favourite YouTube video for download. If your wishing video will not come in search, don’t worry about this, further go to Step 3.

How to Download Video from YouTube on iPhone 2021
select your YouTube video for download

Step 3: Copy your YouTube video link:

Under your youtube video, there is sharing option, tap on the share button and copy link text. If your video is not coming in search, find your video on YouTube and get copy link text and copy that, Then go to Step number 4.

How to Download Video from YouTube on iPhone 2021
Tap o share button on YouTube


How to Download Video from YouTube on iPhone 2021
Copy your YouTube video link

Step 4: Search on your browser

Go to your browser and search After this, website is opened and there is a search bar for paste link. Paste your YouTube video link on the search bar of for downloading your YouTube video.

How to Download Video from YouTube on iPhone 2021
Search for in new tab

Step 5: Select your YouTube video format for download:

There are various format for download YouTube videos like mp4-1080p, mp4-720p, mp4-480, mp4-360p, WebM-720p etc. Select your format for that video and download it. it’s simple right.

How to Download Video from YouTube on iPhone 2021
select your YouTube videos download format

Video Guide about How to download youtube videos in iPhone in 2021


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2.How to Download Video from YouTube on mobile/PC Directly for free in 2022?:

If you do not want to download YouTube videos from any website and YouTube videos downloader tools, there is another method for download Youtube videos Directly.

2 Step to download Video from YouTube directly:

  1. Edit YouTube Video URL: Go to your YouTube video URL and edit – enter ‘ss’ after ‘www.’ but before ‘’

simply, press enters and it will redirect you to directly website.

2. Download Video from YouTube: It will redirect to download, simply choose YouTube video format and press download button.

How to Download Video from YouTube on iPhone 2021
Press Download Button to download YouTube video.

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3. Download Video from YouTube on android mobile in 2022:

1.Install Vidmate/Tubemate app:

Vidmate and Tubemate are the most popular YouTube videos downloader app for android. It is easy to use and easy to download any video like – Facebook videos, Instagram Videos, YouTube videos etc. Vidmate and Tubemate are not available on Playstore because it downloads youtube videos and against YouTube policy.

You download these apps from their official sites – Vidmate and Tubemate, After the download, you need to allow your device to install these apps.


2.Select YouTube video for download:

Copy your YouTube video link and paste in Vidmate or Tubemate app or in your YouTube video, there is an option for sharing, press share and you have options of  Vidmate or Tubemate .select format for video and press download. You see video and audio different type of format and resolution for downloading your YouTube video.

4. How to Download Video from YouTube on Windows PC in 2022:

1.Download 4k Video Downloader:

To download YouTube videos on your Windows PC, you need to download 4k video downloader software on your Windows. This software is free and downloads the whole playlist, 3D video in one click.

download their setup file from its official website click here

2.Copy and Paste Youtube video URL:

Open your browser and get video link you want to download. Copy that video link and paste into the 4k downloader software and choose the format and download it. We recommended MP4 for videos because it gives you a good quality balance and file size.


5. Download Video from YouTube to iPhone in 2022:

Download YouTube videos on the iPhone are slightly different from the android because iPhone has IOS operating system.

In IOS, there is a trick to install an app called Documents. It is a file manager but it also helps to download YouTube videos clip. First, copy the link of the video in safari browser. Open the document and find a web browser icon tap on that and go to and paste the video link in bar.

6. Download Video from YouTube to Mac in 2022:

On Mac, there are a lot of options to download YouTube video. But one of the most popular methods for downloading Youtube video is MacX YouTube Downloader.

All you need to do is copy YouTube video link and paste in MacX YouTube Downloader and choose video formate and download it.

7. Download Video from YouTube with YouTube Premium:

YouTube is a great platform for video content and if it provides you for downloading videos from YouTube in a legal way, so it is awesome, right.

If you have YouTube Premium subscription, then YouTube provides you downloading options for the video to watch offline without any third-party software. There is a download option for video, simply click on download but you cannot move the video file to another directory.

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8. Download Video from YouTube using a browser Add-Ons/Extension in 2022:

If you do not want to deal with YouTube URL links and want to download YouTube video without any external efforts, then you must use Add-Ons in your web browser for easy to downloading videos.

1.Select an Add-Ons/Extension In browser:

Using Add-Ons makes you easy to download Your favourite YouTube videos. There are a variety of options of Add-Ons/extension to download YouTube video.

There is the best extension for Chrome and Firefox in the market for downloading videos.

2.Download Video from YouTube using Add-Ons/Extension:

After adding a YouTube video Download extension to your browser, Go to the YouTube and open the video you want to download. Then you will show download options with multiple formats and simply click on the download button.

1.For Opera:  YouTube video and audio downloader

2.For Chrome: One-Click video downloader

3.For Firefox: Easy Youtube Video Downloader Express

Executive Summary:

In this article – we discovered various best methods for downloading youtube video for free. Now, you can download unlimited YouTube videos in your device for offline watching and for Educational purposes.

Thanks for reading this article.


How to download videos from YouTube in 2020?”

2-step to download YouTube video, first, copy your YouTube video link and 2nd paste link into the search bar of and press download.

Can you download a video file from YouTube?

Yes, you can download video from youtube for offline watching, but you cannot share that video to other devices.

How can I download full video from YouTube?

Copy the YouTube video link and paste it into the website and the download will start.

Which is the best YouTube video downloader app?

1.Snaptube 2.Vidmate 3.Tubemate 4.Videoder”

How can I download YouTube videos directly?

Add YouTube video downloader extension to your browser and go to youtube there is the option of download video after adding an extension.

How can I download YouTube videos without any software?

Go to the website and paste your YouTube video link and download it without any need of software.

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