How to Quickly Install Google Analytics Global Site Tag in WordPress (gtag.js)

Do you want to install Google tracking code gtag.js on your website? Do you want to visible more on the Google Search engine?

Great News for you, if you are using MonsterInsights on your site, then there is new updates which are Google tag, Now you can use gtag for your site by MonsterInsights.

If you do not install Google tag on your site, then Install MonsterInsights Plugin on your site.

MonsterInsights has very awesome features like website Analytics, Post & Page tracking and now gtag is available. You can download MonsterInsights to click here.

Use New Global Site Tag Tracking Code

Global Site Tag Tracking Code

If you don’t know about the Google Site tag, then look at this – Google Site Tag helps you to get full analytics about your site with 100% accuracy like – Customer Interest & behavior, Traffic method, time spent by your visitor, which page or post get more traffic and more.

Because Now google using gtag.js, it means in the future google update analytics, and because of that MonsterInsights launched a new feature of Google site tag as a default feature for all users.

If you are an existing user of MonsterInsights, now you have limited time offer to switch to a new Google site tag at MonsterInsights.

After spending a lot of time and hard work MonsterInsights making the Global Site Tag is smooth and effortless for our current users.

If you are using any custom tracking code to your site, then don’t worry about that, MonsterInsights automatically catch your other plugin data to MonsterInsights.

In the future, MonsterInsights makes the Global Site Tag the default tracking code and upgrades all MonsterInsights users to gtag.j

Now, the New Released Google Analytics gtag.js feature of MonsterInsights is available – click here to download.


I think, it the best deal for improving your website analytics data and it directly improves your revenue. Data is everything and you can make a strategy according to your data. So, make sure to download MonsterInsights Plugins with the latest updates click here to download.

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