5 Best Way to Make Money Online for Students 2022

Are you a student and want to make online money by just putting in 2 hours a day?

You are a student and want to support your family in the Financial field, then you have come to the right place on the internet.

You found many other Online ideas for making money online, but it does not work well. If you are really want to learn How to make money online by working for someone or start your own online business.

I know that students facing many problems like How to make money, how to become rich, how to improve myself, and many more.

When I was a student, I also search for something like you search on google related to money, rich, etc.

But as a student, the first income that I earned was about $100 for writing an article for someone and then I discover something that makes me able to make $300/month.

The whole world is connected via the internet. Now it is easy to earn online money from any part of the world. The number of internet users is increasing day by day.

So, there are a lot of opportunities to get an online job easily. Today, I have picked the top best way to make money online in India for students 2021.

5 Best Way to Make Money Online in India for Students 2021

#1 Start a Youtube Channel

start youtube channel 2021

Start a Youtube Channel is my first step to earn money online. Do you think that why I am taking Youtube at first to earn money online?

Here is your answer – Youtube is one the greatest online platform to make money online because Youtube has 6.8 billion monthly visitors. You see here, there is huge traffic on Youtube.

So the priority for students in India to make money online is Youtube.

Are Students Start Youtube Channel?

Yes, absolutely you can start a youtube channel with your present skills and knowledge. if you know about anything, you can create a youtube channel around your favorite topics and make an awesome video around your topics that surprise your audience. So the next questions occur that who watches me on Youtube?

You can start a Youtube channel for free but you have to spend time on creating amazing videos.

Who & Why Someone Watch my YouTube Videos?

So, you think that if  I start a Youtube Channel who & Why someone watching me on Youtube. Millions of people watch you because you are not the only one who has an interest in your favorite topic.

Millions of peoples have the same interest as you and they are finding such type of videos on Youtube. If your videos are pop-up in front of that interested people then you can start making money on youtube.

How I make money from Youtube in 2021?

After getting some views, you can understand that youtube has huge potential to viral your videos and if you are getting a huge amount of views on your youtube videos, then you can start making money.

  • Make money by Google Adsense on Youtube

After your video gets 4k hours watch time and 1k subscribers in just 1 year then your video is monetized by the Google Adsense. After completing your youtube criteria, your videos showing ads and you can make money through this.

  • Make money by Brand promotion on Youtube

After your video getting a lot of views, Brands contacts you for the advertisement of their products on your channel by You and that is also called sponsorship.

Now your good days start and uploading regular videos get more views and likes and also subscribers.

How much money you can make from YouTube in 2021?

It depends upon your video views and category. According to Youtubers – Tech youtube channel makes around $350 for 1 million views from google Adsense, Brands give the money according to video views, if your video hits 100k views average then the brand gives you around ₹50k – ₹100k per video.

How much time its takes to make money from YouTube 2021?

YouTube has billions of monthly traffic and it is easy to succeed on YouTube but you are thinking that how much time takes to make money from youtube? The answer is it depends upon your video quality and information. After uploading videos consistently, the average time is 6 months takes to make money from YouTube.

YouTube is the Best Way to Make Money Online in India for Students in 2021 and you must start the YouTube channel in 2021.

#2 Start a Blog


A blog is a type of website that contains a lot of informative content and posts that are helping other people. So, you can also start a blog and write about your favorite topic. Google ranks your posts and people are engaging with your informative content. So, you think that how to start a blog?

How to Start a Blog in 2022?

If you want to start a blog, first you need to understand terms like domain & hosting. Domain – Domain is your website name for example my website name – nitinnitro.com that is a Domain.

Web Hosting – Hosting is the place where you can store your website data 24/7. I recommend you to Purchase BlueHost web hosting because it is the best fastest & Cheapest hosting ever.

After purchasing hosting + Domain, you have to write your own favorite content on your website/blog. In a few months, you can make money from blogging.

How you can earn money from blogging?

After consistently uploading your article, you can generate a lot of traffic to your blog. Now it is time for monetizing your blog. There are various ways to make money through blogging, some of the best methods are – Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing.

  • Google Adsense

    Google Adsense is the world’s biggest ads network that showing ads on your website and Adsense money depends upon your website traffic.

  • Affiliate Marketing:-

Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing in which you can promote other brand products to get a commission from it.

Some of the best Affiliate Marketing Network –

How much money you can make from Blogging in 2022?

According to bloggers, They earn $255 on 13,000 Google Ads clicks. But from other sources like – Affiliate marketing, Sponserpost you can earn up to $1,000/month in starting 6 monthly websites at monthly traffic of 1,000.

How much time its takes to make money from Blogging 2022?

Now you know about blogging, here is the answer of How much time it takes to make money from blogging – It depends upon your article and keyword research, on average, it takes 3 months to make money from blogging through Affiliate marketing and earning up to $1,000/month. Blogging is the 2nd Best Way to Make Money Online in India for Students in 2021 and you have to learn all website skills like web designing, content management, etc.

#3 Freelancer

bacome a freelance 2021

If you have any skills like website designing, content writing, logo designing, photoshop etc, then you can monetize your skills.

You can provide your skills services to other helpful people and get money from it. It is a popular way to make money online by providing services. So you are thinking that how I will get clients for my online paid skills?

How to get Clients for Freelancing in 2022?

There are many sites available where you get a lot of clients for your skills for free. One of the best freelancing websites is Fiverr, Fiverr is the most popular and trusted freelancing platform to get clients for your skills for free.

First, you have to list your profile on Fiverr and make gigs according to your skills and set price. After this when someone needed your skill-based work then they simply contact you through Fiverr.

How much money you can make from Freelancing Work?

It totally depends upon you, If you are an expert in your field then the earning is huge and if you are not an expert, then you can make a decent amount of money from this.

How to choose good clients for my Freelancing work?

Before work as a freelancer, you have to ask a few questions to yourself –

  • What are my target clients?
  • Are Clients good with my price point?
  • Do I have proper skills in my field?
  • Can I provide better service to my clients?

This question helps you to find out better for your freelancing work.

Why Clients Hire me for Freelancing Work?

There are some points that help you to get more clients –

  • Build your Awesome Portfolio that clients needed.
  • Mention your previous Work that builds clients trust.
  • Mention Work Experience in your field.
  • Build trust by Providing More value to clients.
  • Always updated with your field.
  • You have to build your networks on Linkedin Profile as well as Fiverr Profile.
  • Contact with other freelancers on Linkedin With the same niche.

These are the main points that You have to need to create an awesome freelancing profile. Freelancing is the 3rd Best Way to Make Money Online in India for Students in 2021 and if you have any skills then, you must list yourself on Freelancer websites like Fiverr.

Here, You can Signup with Fiverr Today

#4 Social Media

Become social media expert

There are billions of users on social media platforms like – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You are a student and you know how to use social media.

Now people & businesses know the power of social media, social media is the best way to connect with Audiences and also build trust with the social post.

So, Influencers Play Big role in connecting hearts with the audience. Businesses pay Influencers a lot of money to promote their products in front of their audience.

For example:- If you have an interest in pets, then you post your daily activity with pets and gain a lot of followers and your followers trust you.

You are thinking that why people follow me on Social Media?

Why people follow me on Social Media?

You have to give a reason for the people to follow on social media –

  • Build a Targeted Audience
  • Focus on giving better & unique content to your Audience.
  • Build Audience trust by connecting with their feeling.
  • Create a daily post and share it with the audience.
  • Be real with Audience
  • Guide your Audience and Build trust.

Remember that Your Audience is your assets that mean,

your number of follower = Amount of money

If you have huge followers in a particular niche then you make thousands of dollars by posting a single post.

It takes time to increase followers on Social media because it is a trust game and you’re hardworking make a good amount of money.

How much time its takes to make money from Social Media 2022?

It takes 6-12 months to make a good amount of money from social media, it totally depends upon you and your content but still, your earning can start within 3 months.

How much money you can make from Social Media Work?

It depends upon your niche and your consistency, but after 6 months if you have 10k followers on Instagram then you can make ₹2,000/ post. It varies according to the niche you are selecting.

#5 Start Vlogging

start vlogging

If you have not interested in writing an article on the blog then you can start making a vlog. It is very simple to start a Vlog.

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is the making video around daily works, visiting new and interesting areas, and guide the audience about that area and works.

You have to choose only a single niche and make a video around that particular topic that you have interested in.

You have to create a Youtube channel and make vlog videos and post on Youtube. When you get 4k hours watch time and 1k subscribers within 1 year, then you are eligible for the Youtube Partner program.

Why people watch My Vlog?

You have to be creative and create infotainment videos around your topic that your audience engages with your content. So, people start watching your content because it is valuable for them.

How much money I can make from Vlogging?

It is just the same as the youtube channel, I have explained this in the first point. Vlogging is the 4th Best Way to Make Money Online in India for Students in 2021 and you must start the Vlogging channel Now.

Exclusive Conclusion

Here I listed the top 5 best make money online in India for students in 2021. I recommend you to choose first YouTube and after that Blogging and start blogging with Bluehost web hosting + Domain.

So, I hope, this post adds some value to your life, thanks for reading.

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