SeoToolAdda Review 2023: Latest 30+ Tools, Features & Pricing

Do you want to use 30+ SEO tools at a cheaper price in 2022? Sounds impossible but it’s true, I am going to show you exactly how to get 30+ SEO tools from SeoToolsAdda at a very cheap price with a 100% guarantee.

So read the full article and don’t miss any important information regarding the use of SeoToolsAdda.

Here is what I am going to cover all about Seo Tools Adda you need to know before using it, so let’s start.

  • What is SeoToolAdda?
  • Why do we need SeoToolAdda?
  • Best features of SeoToolsAdda
  • List of 30+ tools that you can use
  • List of 15+ Free SEO tools you can use on SeoToolAdda
  • How to buy tools from SeoToolAdda at a cheap price?
  • How you can use SeoToolAdda?
  • Goodside and Darkside of SeoToolAdda

What is SeoToolAdda?

What is Seo Tool Adda?

SeoToolAdda Reviews


My Overall Rating

Tool Type

Group Buy Tools


  • 30+ SEO Tools

  • Live Instant Access

  • Cheap Price

  • Ahref, Semrush & Ubersuggest

Uptime Speed

99.9% guaranteed


24/7 Support


Starting From ₹149 Plan


Combo Plan starting from ₹599

Refund Policy

3 Day Refund Policy

Official Website

SeoToolAdda is a group buy SEO tools website which provides you with 30+ tools at a very cheap price. If you want to use multiple SEO tools for blogs, youtube, and affiliate marketing, then SeoToolAdda is the best platform to buy cheap SEO tools and I personally use all these tools to boost my website ranking.

SeoToolAdda: Should You Buy or Not?

Why Do We Need SeoToolAdda?

If you are new at youtube, website, and affiliate marketing, then you won’t be able to buy all SEO tools because of the high price that we can not afford.

So SeoToolAdda solving this big problem and providing SEO tools at a cheap price so everyone can afford these tools & I personally appreciate this move by SeoToolAdda. I have purchased a combo pack from this tool and I also recommend my friends to buy and use 30+ tools.

SeoToolAdda Awesome Features

Let’s take a look at some of Seotooladda’s features:

  • Cheap Price: All SEO tools are easy to access, when you buy a combo pack, you can access all 30+ tools.
  • Live Instant Access: As soon as you finish the payment, you will have immediate access to any tool/tools.
  • Refund Policy: They give a money-back guarantee for three days. It implies that if you are dissatisfied with their services, you may request a refund and have your money transferred into your bank account.
  • Affiliate Program: When you purchase Seotooladda services, you have the option of inviting your friends as well. You will earn 20% to 40% profit on any purchase made through your affiliate link.

List of 30+ SEO Tools provided by SeoToolAdda with Pricing

All tools provided by seo tool adda
SeoToolAdda ToolsPricing / Month
1. Ahref₹299 / month
2. Semrush₹249 / month
3. Keyword Revealer₹199 / month
4. Semscoop₹199 / month
5. WordAI₹199 / month
6. Stock Unlimited₹199 / month
7. Buzzsumo₹199 / month
8. Moz₹199 / month
9. SpyFu₹199 / month
10. Grammarly₹149 / month
11. WooRank₹149 / month
12 Linkedin Learning₹149 / month
13. Skill Share₹149 / month
14. Animoto₹149 / month
15. Picktochart₹149 / month
16. Canva Pro₹199 / month
17. Crello₹149 / month
18. Pic Monkey₹149 / month
19. SpamZillaFree [Include in ComboPack]
20. UbersuggestFree [with ComboPack]
21. Keyword Tool Free [with ComboPack]
22. Keyword FinderFree [Iwith ComboPack]
23. Evento ElementsFree [with ComboPack]
24. Word HeroFree [with ComboPack]
25. Article ForgeFree [with ComboPack]
26. Spin RewriterFree [with ComboPack]
27. Rytr.meFree [with ComboPack]
28. Story BaseFree [with ComboPack]
29. Story BlocksFree [with ComboPack]
30. Article BuilderFree [with ComboPack]
31. IndexificationFree [with ComboPack]
32. TreehouseFree [with ComboPack]
33. QuetextFree [with ComboPack]
34. MajesticFree [with ComboPack]

15+ Free SEO Tools You Can Use with a combo pack on SeoToolAdda

seo tool adda free under testing tools
SeoToolAdda Free Use ToolsUnder Testing Tools
1. UbersuggestFree
2. Keyword FinderFree
3. Keyword RevealerFree
4. Evento ElementsFree
5. Rytr.meFree
6. Article ForgeFree
7. Spin RewriterFree
8. Word HeroFree
9. Article builderFree
10. SpamZillaFree
11. StoryBaseFree
12. Story BlocksFree
13. IndexificationFree
14. QuetextFree
15. MajesticFree
16. TreehouseFree

SeoToolAdda All Plan & Pricing

There are 2 types of plans on SeoToolAdda

  1. SeoToolAdda Individual Plan
  2. SeoToolAdda Combo Pack

1. SeoToolAdda Individual Plan:

All tools provided by seo tool adda

You already know SeoToolAdda has 30+ SEO tools. But if you want to buy 1 or 2 SEO tools from SeoToolAdda then you can choose an individual plan because it becomes cheap as compared to the combo pack.

₹149/month Individual Plan Tools list on SeoToolAdda

₹149/month Price ToolsTools Pricing
1. Grammarly149/month
Pic Monkey149/month
Skillshare & Crello149/month
LinkedIn Learning149/month

₹199/month Individual Plan Tools list on SeoToolAdda

₹199/month ToolsTools pricing
1. Moz₹199/month
2. Canva Pro₹199/month
3. Buzzsumo₹199/month
4. WordAI₹199/month
5. Semscoop₹199/month
6. SpyFu₹199/month

₹249/month Individual Plan Tools list on SeoToolAdda

₹249/month ToolsTools Pricing
1. Semrush₹249/month
2. Stock Unlimited₹249/month

₹299/month Individual Plan Tools list on SeoToolAdda

₹299/month toolsTool Pricing

2. SeoToolAdda Combo Plan:

₹599/month – Combo Pack Without Ahref

seo tool adda combo pack

In this SeoToolAdda combo pack, you will get all 18 Individual Tools + 14 Under testing tools which means you will get 30+ SEO Tools to use for 1 month. This is the bonus pack and I use combo packs for my website SEO and affiliate marketing. I highly recommend a combo pack to get better out of it.

₹1599/month – Combo Pack With Ahref

If you want to buy 30+ Tools a combo pack with Ahref SEO Tool, then you have to buy with a monthly plan of ₹1599/month.

seo tool adda combo pack with ahref

SEOToolAdda Promo Code or Coupon Code 2022

SeoToolAdda officially does not provide any kind of special coupon code or promo code. But I have a tip for you to maximize your savings.

All you have to do is purchase Seotooladda Combo Plan using any link on their official website.

When you purchase a combination package, each tool costs ₹30 rather than ₹149. It makes 80% savings on each group purchase of SEO tool service.

In this manner, you may get SEOToolAdda services at a lower cost. So Sign up for the combo pack here to begin saving some money on SeoToolAdda.

How to Buy Tools From SeoToolAdda at a Cheap Price?

Buying group tools from Seo Tools Adda is easy and simple, you just have to follow these simple steps

Step 1: Go to the official website of SeoToolAdda ( ).

Click here to visit the official website of SeoToolAdda. When you land there you will see the signup button, just click on this.

  • Go to SeoToolAdda official website > Click on the Sign-Up button on the header > Redirected to the signup page
seo tool adda official website

Step 2: Fill out the SignUp Form on SeoToolAdda

How to User Sign Up on SeoToolAdda?

How to User Sign Up on Seo Tool Adda?

Fill in all of the contact details correctly

  • 1st box: Fill in the First Name & Last Name
  • 2nd box: Fill in the correct email address
  • 3rd box: Fill in your 10-digit mobile number
  • 4th box: Fill in your password correctly
  • 5th box: Fill in the purpose of using SeoToolAdda
  • 6th box: Fill in the security code
  • Click on the Signup button and you just created your account on SeoToolAdda.

Step 3: Verify Your Email Account

After you submit the signup form, you will get an email to verify your account on SeoToolAdda.

  • open your email > you can see SeoToolAdda email > Click to Verify your SeoToolAdda account > SeoToolAdda dashboard will be open.
seo tool adda email verification

Step 4: Choose SeoToolAdda Combo Pack

After verifying the email you will land on the dashboard of SeoToolAdda, where you can see a combo pack that includes 30+ tools, just click on combo pack.

Seo Tool Adda Combo Pack

Step 5: Click on Buy Combo & Made a purchase & Enjoy all tools

you just have to enter payment details and after that, you will be again redirected to the dashboard. Now enjoy you can use any of the tools that it listed on SeoToolAdda.

seo tool adda 30+ tools activated

How to Use SeoToolAdda Tools?

After you made a successful purchase of a combo pack on SeoToolAdda. You will get 30+ Tools to use. So I am going to show you how you gonna use these tools without facing any problems.

Step 1: How to Login into the SeoToolAdda Account?

  • Go to the official website of SeoToolAdda.
  • Fill in your registered email id and password.
  • Click on the Sign-in button.
How to Login into the SeoToolAdda Account?

Step 2: Click on the ” visit here “button of any tool you want to use.

You will find on the dashboard is every tool has a visit here button, which you have to click on.

seo tool adda access tool button

Step 3: ” Click Access” on that Access tool page

seo tool adda access tool

Step 4: You can See Tool Redirect Page

seotooladda - tool redirected page

Step 5: Now you can use this tool as you want.

Semrush tool- seotooladda

SeoToolAdda Review: Goodside & Darkside

Here is the list of pros & cons of SeoToolAdda, so at this closely

Pros / Goodside of SeoToolAdda

  1. It has 30+ tools to use, so we can get lots of tools for our growth.
  2. SeoToolAdda provides tools at a very cheap price, so everyone can afford this.
  3. They have a customer support team that can solve your problem.
  4. 99% Tools working guarantee.
  5. It is very safe and secure because it is managed by experts.

Cons / Darkside of SeoToolAdda

  1. It is a single-user tool, multiple users are not allowed to use this tool at a time.
  2. You can access these tools through the google chrome browser.
  3. Your account may get blacked out without warning if you are using these tools with multiple users or devices.

Best Alternatives of SeoToolAdda

There are many options for buying group SEO tools like other group tool service providers. These group SEO tool service providers come up with tools like Ahref, Semrush, Grammarly, Moz Pro, Canva Pro, and many more at cheap prices. Here I listed some of the alternatives to SeoToolAdda.

  1. ToolsPur
  2. Flickr
  3. ToolsZap
  4. Toolszack
  5. groupbuyseotools
  6. Toolzbuy
  7. Toolsurf
  8. SeoToolBuy

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My Overall Review & Experience With Seo Tool Adda

My honest opinion is that SeoToolAdda is the best option for me because I can use 30+ Tools that help me with Digital Marketing Works like SEO – keyword research, content marketing, designing, and learning, etc. at a very cheap price like ₹599 Combo Pack.

These tools can cost me around $500+ if I am going to buy individually from the there official website, so that’s why I use SeoToolAdda.

If you don’t have huge money like $500, then you can go with the SeoToolAdda combo pack which includes 30+ Tools.

Is SeoToolAdda Safe to Use?

Yes, SeoTool Adda is completely safe and secure because it is managed by an expert team. You can use this tool without any doubt in mind.

Does SeoToolAdda have Ahref Tool?

Yes, you can buy the Ahref SEO tool for only ₹299/month. But if you want to buy Ahref tools with all tools then you need to buy a combo pack which cost you ₹1,599/month.

How Group Buy SEO Tools Works?

The group SEO tools provider purchases a single account for any tools and they make a system in such a way that multiple users can use these tools. So that’s why the cost of the tool is also divided by multiple users.

For example, if someone buys a tool for $50, they can provide that tool for $5 for 10 users, so that everyone can use this tool for only $5.

What is the Plan & Pricing of SeoToolAdda?

They have 2 main pricing plans. 1st is an individual plan where you can buy each tool individually starting from ₹149 to ₹299 per month.
2nd is a combo pack where you can buy All 30+ SEO tools at only ₹599. you can also buy tools for 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months with huge discounts.

Can We Share Tools After Buying From SeoToolAdda?

No, you can not share tools with other users. If that happened then your account may get blocked from SeoToolAdda. This tool is designed for 1 user at a time.

Can I Use Only 1 Tool From SeoToolAdda?

Yes, you can use the individual 1 tool from SeoToolAdda. There are 17+ Tools you can buy single.

What is the Validity Plan of SeoToolAdda?

There are many validity plans that come up with combo packs for 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and 6 months and you can also buy individual tools only for a month.

What is the best plan on SEOToolAdda?

The combo pack is the best SeoToolAdda plan because you will get 30+ tools to use at just ₹599.

Does SeoToolAdda offer an Affiliate Program?

Yes, SeoToolAdda has an affiliate program. You can promote and earn through this tool.

What happens if one purchased ID is used by more than one user?

In that case, your account may get blocked by the Seo Tools Adda team and you do not get any refund money back.

Does SeoToolAdda delete my account If I don’t Purchase Next Time?

No, Your account did not get deleted but you are not able to use any tools from the dashboard if you did not purchase next time.

Individual Plan Vs Combo Pack – which is best?

The combo pack is the best plan you ever picked because you will get 30+ tools to use. But If you want to use 1 or 2 tools then you can go with an individual plan.

What is SeoToolAdda Coupon Code?

There are not any coupon codes offered by SeoToolAdda because they already sell tools with an 80-90% discount rate.

How to Edit Profile in SeoToolAdda?

1. Login in seotooladda with your user id.
2. Click on the Profile Edit button on Menu.
3. Here you can see your all personal information.
4. Click on edit and change the name but you can not edit your phone number and email id.

How to Change Password in SeoToolAdda?

1. First, you have to login into your account with an authorized email id and password.
2. Click on the Edit Profile
3. Enter your previous password and add a new password.
4. Then click on the change the password button.
Now your password will change.

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