Best Fiverr WordPress Website Development Course 2021

Do you want to learn and make a professional WordPress website without knowing any coding knowledge?

But, You do not have proper information and knowledge about “how to make a professional website without code. So, Congratulations you have come to the right place.

In this course, you will learn how to use the powerful WordPress platform to set up your website from scratch with a step-by-step guide with WordPress Website Development Course.

You learn WordPress Website Building course from “Marjorie Asturias” WordPress.Com Expert With 10+ Years Working experience.

Fiverr WordPress Website Development Course 2021 features


WordPress Website Building Course Features



6-Chapters with 18 videos.

1.6 hours of Content.

30-day money-back guarantee.

Unlimited access, anywhere, anytime.

Quiz for every and each chapter.

4.8 rating with 720+ reviews.

Learn From WordPress Expert with 10+ year experience.

Best Fiverr WordPress Website Development Course 2021

What you will learn from WordPress Website Development Course?

  • How to add content In pages and blog posts.
  • Select Beautiful & fast theme for your site.
  • Customization & Explore features of the theme.
  • Install the necessary plugins.
  • Connect your site to social media networks.
  • Upload media like photo or video or text to your sites.
  • Designing & styling your site.
  • Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to boost your organic ranking.
  • How to generate traffic to your site.
  • How to launch complete websites.
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Website Development Course Contents

  • Chapter 1:- Introduction to
  • Chapter 2:- Building A foundation.
  • Chapter 3:- Building Your Site.
  • Chapter 4:- Designing Your WordPress Website.
  • Chapter 5:- After the Launch Website.
  • Chapter 6:- Conclusion.
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WordPress Website Development Course Description

WordPress is the best platform for everyone who wants to create their own websites with multi-features like blogs, Business websites, E-commerce websites.

You will learn – the basics of a website including content and designing, content strategy, targeting your customers, how to use WordPress tools like analytics to optimize sites.

You can also add more features like the store, scheduling, booking, membership site by installing plugins, How to upload content In pages and blog posts, Select Beautiful theme, Customization of the theme and more.

WordPress is easy to learn and implement your strategy to get more revenue in less time. You can learn WordPress without knowing any code. WordPress has over 50,000+ plugins that give your website to Beautiful looks and advanced features.

You can build your website from scratch without having any coding knowledge. You can easy to understand this course because there is a step-by-step guide to build a perfect website. This is the Best Fiverr WordPress Website Development Course of 2021. View Full Course details

About Course Instructor “Marjorie Asturias”

Marjorie is the happiness Engineer at with over 5 years of experience. She helped thousands of bloggers, small business owners and entrepreneurs and Plan, build, Design their websites. She enjoys making a brand and working with Fiverr. She works as Webdesigner, content creators and digital marketer for 10+ years.

Syllabus of Fiverr WordPress Website Development Course 2021

Chapter 1: Introduction to WordPress

If you do not know about

  • What is WordPress?
  • How WordPress works?
  • Why we need WordPress?
  • What does WordPress Will do for you?
  • then, the introduction to wordpress is must important for you. You must purchase this course for developing your skills.
  • At the End of Chapter 1, there will be a Quiz for you to increase your understanding power.

Chapter 2: Building A Foundation

  • Defining the Website’s Goals – In starting of 2nd chapter, you will learn How to defining website goal for maximum conversions. After deciding the goal, you need to make a strategy for your website for future analysis.
  • Preparing for Content – After making goals you have to make a content strategy like which type of content you want to upload to your site so that you would not distract from your niche.
  • Content Development & SEO – After deciding your content you need to develop SEO friendly content for your site it includes keyword research, keyword implement to blog and more.
  • Make Wireframe of your Website.
  • Quiz to Building a foundation.

Chapter 3: Building Your First WordPress website

  • You will learn How to create your first account to WordPress.
  • Adding content to your site.
  • Design graphic and styles for your website.
  • Introduction to the media library – How to manage media content on wordpress.
  • Quiz to Building your wordpress site.
  • View Full Course details

Chapter 4: Designing Your WordPress Website

  • Selecting a theme – There are a lot of wordpress themes for customization for your site, so can choose themes which fit your interest.
  • Customizing Your Theme –  You can customize every part of the website through these options, you will learn this in deep in this course.
  • Widgets – This option adds amazing function to your site.
  • Now It is ready to launch.

Chapter 5: After Launched

  • Learn How your website is noticed on google and in the front of the brands.
  • Security to your wordpress site.
  • Quiz to After the launched.

Chapter 6: Conclusion

Exclusive Conclusion

If you want to learn and want to make your own Website Website from scratch without coding then this WordPress Website Development course is best for you and I highly recommend you to Enroll in this course and In the end thanks for your time.

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