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Nitin Nitro Digital Marketing Scientist ( SEO & Content Expert )

Over 3+ Years of Digital Marketing Experience in Content Marketing & SEO. I am a Creative Digital Marketing Scientist which means I did lots of experiments in Digital Marketing and I know what works or what does not.

Ya! I am Nitin Nitro...

YouTubing or blogging is a fun and profitable hobby, but the money doesn’t just fall out of the sky, you need to work hard for it. I’m here to help you build a successful YouTube channel or Succesful website by teaching you how to get more subscribers, and better at marketing your videos.

You can think I am just a friend of yours and I know you are looking for a website or youtube marketing expert who can help you in making your business successful. I have been working on website/youtube marketing for the past 3 years and I have seen many people like you who were struggling with the same problem.


Content Marketing is Really FUN...

30 Day Content Plan

I will help you to create a 30-day full-of-algorithm-proof Content Marketing Plan.

Frameworks for Content creation

The framework is the most important part of the persuasive Content Creation Part.

SEO & Promoting Business

After You created Content according to a framework, now it’s time to do Perfect SEO to get more views and customers.

How to Create a Viral Content in 3 Steps?

Create Hook & Get Viewers Attention

The Initial 30 seconds of the youtube video is the core part, so you should hook your audience within 5 to 10 seconds with proper content strategy.

Storytelling / Flow of Video

Storytelling is the key part of getting huge watch time on YouTube Video. Most of the pro marketers use this technique to grabbing audience's attention till the end of the video, so storytelling should be the part of your Video.

Create Calls to Action

CTA aka Call-To-Action is the final and most important part of your video because you try to sell product or may be you want audience to subscribe your youtube channel. So make sure you include call to action in your video that is the whole purpose of the video.

Grab Free YouTube Creator Checklist

free youtube course and roadmap

“Fastest Shortcut To Grow on YouTube. “Grab My Personal Checklist or Roadmap For YouTube. “

How to Start YouTube Channel that Drive Sales?

If you think like a businessman, then you find out that starting youtube is not like eating a piece of cake, it is like a starting the new business for your self / for your company or brand.

But Secrets is Hidden…

Research & Strategy

If you want to Start a Successful Youtube either for business or for a personal brand, first you should do a proper research on that field about competitor and content growth marketing with SEO strategy for better and fast result.

Produce consistent YouTube video content

Consistency is the Key of success of any of the content formula because, you give signal to your audience that our youtube store is open everyday.

Write a Clickable YouTube Title

Title!.. Are you kidding me? People may think that writing a title is the easiest thing but it is not because you have to include keywords in your title as well you also want to click on the audience at the same time.

Design The Right YouTube Thumbnails

Design is the core part of a youtube marketing strategy because it tells the story of your brand. You should be consistent in colour of your brand , font and also theme of the brand.

Put Your Logo to Boost Brand Awareness

WoW! You made a great video and start getting a lot of views because of the, but think for a second, if you include your logo in your video, then you will get great audience awareness for free.

Cross-Promote with Other Channels

Competitor SUCKS!... But what if you make that competitor your partner and what if your make strong friendly relationship with other youtube channel in your niche.

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