How To Viral Shorts Video On YouTube 2024? (Expert Advice)

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Do you know the average human audience span on social is 8 seconds, even lower than the goldfish (9 seconds)?
So the question is ” How do you make your short video viral on YouTube in just 8 seconds of audience span”. Here I am going to tell you some of my personal secrets that help my facts video to go viral on YouTube.

Well! My name is Nitin, I am a Digital Marketing Expert.

Firstly, it’s important to understand what YouTube Shorts are. They are vertical videos that are 60 seconds or less in length, and they can appear in the Shorts shelf on the YouTube mobile app. Shorts are a new way for creators to express themselves and for viewers to discover new content in a fun and engaging way.

So let’s first understand what is a short video on YouTube.

What is YouTube Shorts?

Well! YouTube Shorts is a feature included by YouTube for the shorts creator which means now you can create a video on YouTube in just 1 minute.

YouTube Shorts are short, vertical videos that are up to 60 seconds long. Since their launch in 2020, Shorts have become an increasingly popular way for creators to make viral content and grow their audiences on YouTube.

In 2024, mastering Shorts will be more important than ever for succeeding on the platform. This guide will provide tips and strategies for creating viral YouTube Shorts in 2024.

Why Focus on YouTube Shorts in 2024?

Here are some key reasons why Shorts will be critical for YouTube success in 2024:

  • Shorts are being heavily promoted by YouTube – The platform is incentivized to push Shorts as they compete with TikTok. This means creators who use Shorts have a better chance of their content being discovered. 
  • Mobile viewing is increasing – Videos optimized for mobile devices like Shorts tend to perform better as more and more people consume content on their phones. According to Oberlo, mobile video consumption is growing at a rate of 100% year over year.
  • Shorts have high potential for virality – The short format and vertical orientation makes them easy to consume and share across platforms. According to YouTube, videos in Shorts Feed receive over 10 billion daily views. A catchy Short could explode faster than long-form video.
  • You can repurpose long-form content – Clip highlights or snippets from existing videos to create Shorts and maximize your content. Social media expert Neil Patel recommends repurposing at least 20% of your long-form content into Shorts.
  • Shorts have access to licensed music – Creators can use popular songs without copyright issues, adding to the appeal.
  • Minimal editing required – Shorts are meant to be quick and casual. You don’t need fancy equipment or editing skills to make compelling Shorts.

How To Viral Shorts Video On YouTube 2024 (Expert Advice)

Follow these tips from industry experts to create Shorts that can gain traction and views:

1. Leverage Trends and Challenges

Jumping on popular memes, dances, trends and challenges is a proven Shorts strategy. Stay active on Instagram and other social platforms to spot trends early. Put your unique spin on the trend to stand out. Marketing guru Seth Godin recommends remixing trends in an unexpected way. 

2. Hook Viewers Right Away 

You only have seconds to grab attention. Use an interesting first frame, text overlay, sound effect, or a combination to open strong. Experts advise opening with a hook in the first 5 seconds.

3. Keep a Quick Pace

Shorts reward fast cuts, snappy edits, and varied shots. Switch up angles, zoom in on key moments, and utilize quick transitions to keep the pace brisk. Marketers recommend at least one camera angle shift every 3-5 seconds.  

4. Add Video Overlay Text Captions

Text overlays engage viewers and make your Shorts more shareable. Highlight funny moments or reactions with big, bold captions. Data shows Shorts with strong captions get 35% higher reach.

5. Leverage Hashtags Strategically

Include a mix of high-traffic and precise hashtags so your content surfaces in searches. #Shorts is a must. Do research to find niche hashtags to help discovery. Experts suggest using 5-10 strategic hashtags per Short.

6. Collaborate with Other Creators 

Team up with other YouTube creators to tap into each other’s audiences. Shoutouts and collaborations bring fresh eyeballs to your content. Studies show collaborations can increase views and shares by over 150%.

7. Promote Outside of YouTube

Share your Shorts on all major platforms like Instagram and Twitter using hashtags. Embed Shorts on your website to maximize viewership. Social media gurus emphasize cross-promoting Shorts everywhere.

8. Analyse Performance

Pay attention to which Shorts perform best and why. Note timing, audio, captions, etc. Use those learnings to refine your strategy. Continually A/B testing Shorts elements will optimize your strategy. 

9. Make Shorts Part of Your Routine

Post Shorts consistently, ideally multiple times per week. Short bursts of creativity that require minimal production time are perfect for a regular Shorts strategy. Experts recommend posting at least 5 Shorts per week.

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Content Ideas for Viral Shorts Video On YouTube in 2024

Here are some specific types of Shorts that tend to gain traction:

  • How-to tutorials – Helpful tips and hacks, especially for everyday problems
  • Reaction videos – Capture authentic reactions to events, announcements, reveals
  • Behind-the-scenes – Give viewers a peek into your creative process 
  • Memes – Add your own spin to trending meme formats
  • Pet clips – Animals being cute or funny are always popular
  • Comedy sketches – Entertain with exaggerated characters and jokes
  • Animated shorts – Simple animated clips can quickly tell a story
  • Mashups/remixes – Combine songs, genres, clips for unexpected results
  • Q&As – Rapid-fire fan questions can showcase your personality  
  • Product reviews – Share your honest take on trendy products/items
  • Food recipes – Quick cooking demos, easy snacks and meals
  • Gaming highlights – Post clips of wins, fails and funny moments

The key is to find an idea that fits your brand, interests and audience. Brainstorm lots of ideas, experiment regularly, and analyze data to determine which concepts resonate. 

Expert Tips for Viral Shorts Video On YouTube 2024

Here are some additional pro tips from digital marketing experts on creating viral Shorts:

  • Use attention-grabbing sounds and music to set the tone
  • Leverage green screen effects and filters to up production value 
  • Feature other popular creators via collaborations or reactions
  • Try teaser or “Part 1” Shorts to build anticipation 
  • Take on viral dances or song challenges 
  • Film spontaneous, in-the-moment shorts for authenticity
  • Use strong calls-to-action to drive engagement 
  • Optimize Shorts for mobile viewing

How To Viral YouTube Shorts On New YouTube Channel 2024? 

YouTube Shorts presents a big opportunity for creators to grow their channels and reach new audiences. But the strategy may differ depending on whether you have an established channel or are just starting out. Here are some tips for making viral Shorts for both new and old channels:

  • Leverage popular trends and memes so your content is more searchable and engaging right away. Putting a unique spin on viral topics can help get initial views.
  • Use hashtags like #shorts, #withme, #fyp strategically so Shorts surface in topic feeds. Research relevant niche hashtags too. 
  • Collaborate with micro and nano influencers in your niche to introduce your brand to engaged audiences. Offer value in collaborations.
  • Promote Shorts heavily on other social platforms like Instagram to drive views. Utilize cross-posting apps.
  • Engage consistently with any new viewers – like comments, offer exclusive content in exchange for follows. Convert interest into subscribers.

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How To Viral YouTube Shorts On Old YouTube Channel 2024?

  • Repurpose snippets of popular long-form videos into Shorts. This gives existing content new life.
  • Create “teaser” Shorts that preview part of an upcoming video to build anticipation. 
  • Give viewers “bonus” content by posting BTS, bloopers or extra clips as Shorts. 
  • Ask viewers to comment ideas for Shorts – this crowdsources inspiration from your audience.
  • Leverage your current influence for collaborations with other top creators in your niche.

Consistency and persistence with high-quality Shorts is key on any channel. Use these tips to build an audience and get your Shorts viewed by more people.

Thinking About Making Shorts Videos On YouTube Or Instagram?

Here is some key differences between YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels:

FeatureYouTube ShortsInstagram Reels
LengthUp to 60 secsUp to 60 secs
Aspect RatioVertical 9:16Vertical 9:16
Edits/EffectsBasicAdvanced editing features
MusicLicensed catalogLibrary or original audio
DistributionYouTube app, websiteInstagram app, IGTV
Cross-postingLimitedEasy to Instagram Feed
AudienceBroad, worldwideFollowers-focused
DiscoveryShorts feedExplore page, hashtags
MonetizationLimited now, expandingBuilt-in monetization tools
RetentionNot yetCan save Reels as drafts
MetricsBasic so farDetailed analytics available


Creating viral YouTube Shorts requires a mix of understanding current trends, optimizing content for mobile, leveraging best practices for engaging video, and applying expert techniques. 

Focus on being quick, concise, entertaining and shareable above all else. Use this guide to inform your Shorts strategy in 2024 and get your videos trending on YouTube. Consistent posting, high quality and tapping into what’s popular can help you build an audience and make your mark with Shorts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you post Shorts?

Experts recommend posting at least 5 Shorts per week to build momentum and remain discoverable in the Shorts feed. But quality over quantity remains key – consistency matters more than daily posts.

What is the ideal length for a YouTube Short?

The maximum length is 60 seconds. Experts suggest 30-45 seconds is the sweet spot for holding viewer attention and enabling strong storytelling.

How do you make money from YouTube Shorts? 

Currently, YouTube Shorts feeds ads directly monetize and brand sponsorship for creators. But it can generate traffic to long-form videos and channels, where monetization is enabled through ads. Shorts are a discovery tool.

What editing tools can you use to make Shorts?

Shorts works best with mobile apps like CapCut, Vita, Inshot but you can edit Shorts on more advanced platforms too like Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, iMovie etc. 

Can you repurpose long-form content into Shorts?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s recommended you repurpose snippets and highlights from existing long-form videos. This amplifies the value of your content.

How can I viral my YouTube Shorts?

-Leverage popular trends, memes, challenges Use eye-catching thumbnails and hooks.
– Include strategic hashtags and captions.
– Promote Shorts extensively beyond just YouTube.
– Collaborate with influencers in your niche.
– Analyze top performing Shorts and refine based on what works.

How do I increase my YouTube shorts views?

– Optimise Shorts for mobile and the Shorts player.
– Engage viewers with questions, polls, calls to action.
– Share Shorts natively on multiple platforms.
– Use clickbait titles and exciting thumbnails. 
– Make the first 5 seconds as compelling as possible.

How can I make my video go viral on YouTube?

– Follow viral formats and trends but give them your unique spin.
– Leverage searchable titles, tags, descriptions.
– Promote videos heavily on social media. 
– Collaborate with relevant creators to access new audiences.
– Encourage viewers to like, share, and engage with your content.

How do I promote my YouTube short video?

– Share Shorts on all major social platforms natively. 
– Cross-post using IFTTT and other automation tools.
– Run YouTube and social media ads targeted to relevant audiences.
– Embed Shorts on your website and blogs.
– Send Shorts directly to fans via email, messaging platforms.
– Pitch collaborations with aligned creators and brands.

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