[50% OFF] 3+ Best Tubebuddy Coupon Code 2023 [Latest Updated] – How to use it?

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Wow, I have listed 3+ best Tubebuddy coupon codes with amazing discounts. If you want to grow your youtube channel with Tubebuddy, then this blog is for you. so let’s see the best Tubebuddy coupon code in 2023.

With millions of videos uploaded every day, standing out from the crowd and optimizing your YouTube video and channel can be a daunting task. That’s where TubeBuddy comes to the rescue!

Tubebuddy helps you grow your channel, optimize your content, and engage with your audience more effectively. And guess what? We’ve got an exclusive Tubebuddy coupon code just for you!

Tubebuddy is one of the best youtube SEO tool for creators, so if you want to utilize this amazing tool, then I got something special for you.

So today in this blog, I am going to show you 3+ best Tubebuddy coupon codes with huge discounts.

List of 3+ Best Tubebuddy Coupon Code 2023 [20% to 50% Off]

Tubebuddy Coupon DetailsTubebuddy Coupon Code
1. Tubebuddy Coupon Code 20% Off 2023PhilsBuddy
2. Tubebuddy Coupon Code 20% Off 2023ShoutBuddy
3. Tubebuddy Coupon Code 20% Off 2023StrangerBuddy
4. Tubebuddy Coupon Code 50% Off 2023RisingStarBuddy

How to Use & Apply Tubebuddy Coupon Code?

Click on any coupon code > You will be directed to the Tubebuddy website > Click on Pricing > Choose Tubebuddy Pro > Login with a Google account > Add & apply coupon code > You will get coupon discount > Fill the payment information > Pay > Start growing your youtube channel.

Step 1: Click On Any Tubebuddy Coupon Code

tubebuddy coupon code

Step 2: You will be redirected to the Tubebuddy website & just click on pricing

tubebuddy website home

Step 3: Choose Tubebuddy Pro Plan

choose tubebuddy pro plan

Step 4: Sign in or Signup with Google Account

tubebuddy signin or signup

Step 5: Fill in or Use Tubebuddy Coupon Code

Fill in or Use Tubebuddy Coupon Code

Step 6: Apply Tubebuddy Coupon Code

Apply Tubebuddy Coupon Code

Step 7: Fill in the Payment Information

Fill in the Payment Information

Make sure you apply one of these Tubebuddy coupon codes like PhilsBuddy , ShoutBuddy , StrangerBuddy , RisingStarBuddy to get discounts from 20% to 50% off on your Tubebuddy pro plan.

Latest Tubebuddy Coupon Code 2023

Which code do you apply if you have youtube subscribers under 1000 subscribers and above 1000? Let me explain the full details of these Tubebuddy coupon codes.

1. 20% Off Tubebuddy Coupon Code 2023

If you want to use the Tubebuddy coupon code with 20% off on your pro plan, then just use these 3 coupon codes and apply them to your Tubebuddy coupon area. These are the best coupon code currently available on the internet for Tubebuddy.

2. 50% Off Tubebuddy Coupon Code 2023

If you want to get 50% off on your Tubebuddy pro plan then just use this coupon code. But there are some conditions that you should know about. If your youtube channel has less than 1000 subscribers then this coupon code will work perfectly.

But if your youtube channel had more than 1000 subscribers then this coupon code not work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tubebuddy 2023

Goodside / Advantages of Tubebuddy

  • It has a bulk editing tool that helps you to save more time and energy.
  • It also has an A/B testing tool that helps you to check which thumbnail and title are performing best for your video.
  • Easy to use interface, so if you are new to this tool then you will find this tool is very simple and easy to use.
  • Tubebuddy offers its pro plan at a cheap price and if you will use a coupon code then the price goes down 20%.
  • It is certified by YouTube, so you don’t have to worry about your channel security.

Darkside / Disadvantages of Tubebuddy

  • Well, it is simple to use but some users find this tool’s design to be old-fashioned and need some UI upgrades.
  • Some users find this website’s loading speed slow.
  • You can only use 1 channel for your Tubebuddy Pro subscription.

General Questions In Mind About Tubebuddy

Are there any coupon codes for Tubebuddy?

Yes, there are some Tubebuddy coupon codes like PhilsBuddy , ShoutBuddy , StrangerBuddy to get 20% off, and for 50% off you should apply RisingStarBuddy , but 50% only works if your youtube channel has less than 1000 subscribers.

What is the 50% off code for TubeBuddy?

RisingStarBuddy is the 50% off Tubebuddy coupon code, but it only will work if you have less than 1000 subscribers.

Is TubeBuddy worth paying for?

I suggest If you already have a good number of videos on your YouTube channel and a growing subscriber base, then TubeBuddy’s paid plans are worth it for you.

These plans offer advanced features like bulk editing and A/B testing, which are particularly useful when you have around 100+ youtube videos.

However, if you’re just starting out on YouTube, it’s best to focus on building your channel before considering the paid plans.

How to get TubeBuddy Pro for free?

I think it is not possible to get Tubebuddy for free but You can apply a 20% off coupon code like PhilsBuddy , ShoutBuddy , StrangerBuddy and a 50% coupon code like RisingStarBuddy to get at less price.

Also, you can use the Tubebuddy Free Chrome extension to analyze views & tags

Which is better TubeBuddy or VidIQ?

Both tools are good but if you are a beginner then I prefer to use vidIQ here you will 100% Off the vidIQ promo code. But if you well know about youtube and A/B testing tools, then I recommend you to try TubeBuddy.

How To Use Tubebuddy For YouTube?


If you want toTubeBuddy is a game-changer for YouTube creators looking to grow their channels, optimize their content, and engage with their audience effectively. With its comprehensive features and time-saving functionalities.

Use Tubebuddy coupon code to get an amazing discount – just use PhilsBuddy , ShoutBuddy , StrangerBuddy for 20% off, and RisingStarBuddy for 50% off.

FAQ Related to Tubebuddy Coupon Code

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a YouTube management toolkit that provides powerful tools and insights to help YouTubers to grow channels & optimize your content. It offers features such as keyword research, SEO optimization, bulk processing, competitor analysis, comment moderation, and promotion and marketing tools.

How can TubeBuddy benefit my YouTube channel?

TubeBuddy helps you discover the right keywords and tags to optimize your videos, improve your video’s SEO performance, save time with bulk processing tools, analyze and learn from successful channels in your niche, and manage comments efficiently.

How to Use the TubeBuddy coupon code?

Step 1: Click on the coupons code like PhilsBuddy , ShoutBuddy , StrangerBuddy
Step 2: You are redirected to the Tubebuddy website, then go to the pricing section.
Step 3: Choose a plan
Step 4: Apply coupon code StrangerBuddy

Is TubeBuddy suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! TubeBuddy caters to creators of all levels, including beginners. Its user-friendly interface, educational resources, and supportive community make it accessible and beneficial for those who are just starting their YouTube journey.

Is there a free version of TubeBuddy available?

TubeBuddy offers both free and paid versions. The free version provides access to a limited set of features through their Chrome extension, while the paid versions offer more advanced functionalities and a wider range of tools to enhance your YouTube experience.

Can TubeBuddy help me monetize my YouTube channel?

TubeBuddy provides tools and insights that can contribute to your channel’s growth and success, which in turn can increase your potential for monetization. By optimizing your content, improving discoverability, and engaging with your audience effectively, TubeBuddy can help you on your path to monetization.

Does TubeBuddy increase subscribers?

TubeBuddy itself does not directly increase subscribers. However, it provides a suite of powerful tools and features that can greatly assist you in optimizing your content and improving discoverability by keyword research, SEO optimization, and competitor analysis features.

Does TubeBuddy increase views?

TubeBuddy offers a range of features and tools that can contribute to increasing your video views. By utilizing these features effectively, you can optimize your videos for better discoverability and attract a larger audience.

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