Liquid Web VS Nexcess Web Hosting – Which is the Best?

Hey! Do you know the main difference between Liquid Web and Nexcess web hosting? Are you devoted to the Web or a cloud professional and want to know more about Liquid Web and Nexcess web hosting?

Liquid Web is a leader in hosting solutions like VPS and Dedicated servers. On the other hand, Nexcess is the Brand of  Liquid Web that focused on WordPress and other CMS for content sites and e-commerce.

In this article, we gonna do an in-depth comparison of Liquid Web & Nexcess web hosting.

You just Started your business website or blog website for the motive to grow and generate high revenue from it. If you seriously want to grow your business you must have to take help from a Web hosting company.

They allow your content to be to host & provides high-performance & speed to your website on the Internet.

Without good web hosting, you will not be able to engage readers in your Blog. Searched everywhere on the browsers for the best Web hosting companies and always found the top two companies .i.e Liquid Web & Nexcess.

Are you confused about selecting any one of them? Don’t worry we are here to help you. We provide you with the major features and specifications of both of them in a simpler way. 

Liquid Web vs Nexcess: Which is Better?


 Liquid Web


1. Experience

2. Price

3. Quality

4. Safety

5. Users

6. Web Hosting Demands

It is incredibly difficult to judge the better option because both of these websites provide you with world-class features and services.

Both are qualified and deserve to be the best. For us, it is very difficult to decide because both of them have some features that are not provided by others.

#1 Liquid Web: Best hosting for VPS & Dedicated Servers

Comparing Liquid Web and Nexcess

Liquid Web is a leader in hosting solutions like VPS and Dedicated servers and they are providing world-class hosting services. Businessowner can grow their business to the Optimum level using the most reliable platform of Web hosting.

The main central theme of this platform is to grow critical sites, stores and applications of their customers. More than 300+ experienced designers, operators, administrators make it happen for you. The main motive of Liquid Web is to power your business prospects and true potentials.

Key Features of Liquid Web:

Liquid Web has an abundant quantity of features that strengthens it to the Web hosting site on Rank #1 below mentioned some of its key features:

●     Liquid Web hosting has 50000+ Customers from more than 150+ countries in the world.

●     It has Successfully Managed more than 500000+ sites all over.

●     A total number of 500+ professionals work for customers

●     Have More than 10 global centres and servers

●     It is Ranked #1 by hosting

●     24×7×365 EMail, Calls and live chat available.


Services Offered by Liquid Web:

Liquid Web offers its customers numerous features and services that provide potentials and capability to the site and applications which help in improving Entrepreneurial business to grow steadily, some of the services are mentioned below:




1.  Dedicated Server 

Customizable single-tenant traditional servers.


2. VPS hosting

High-performance VPS with root access


3. Cloud Dedicated

On-Demand single cloud servers.


4. VMware Private Cloud

Scalable VMware Private cloud hosting on multi-tenant or dedicated I infrastructure


5. Managed WordPress

Performance-tuned for WordPress sites


6. Managed WooCommerce

An all-in-one solution for High-performing WooCommerce stores


7. Magento Cloud

Feature-rich and ready for commerce


8. Cloud Servers

Rapidly deploy scalable cloud hosting for your site or app


9. Private VPS Parent

Deploy VPS on your private servers


10. Server Clusters

Custom-built hosting platforms for your business needs


11. High Performance

Distribute web traffic across servers to minimize latency


12. High Availability

Multi-server environment to minimize downtime


13. Database Hosting

Reliable hosting for mission-critical database



Compliant hosting for the healthcare industry


Extra features Provided by Liquid Web:

Here provided some extra feature that helps you to judge your required Web hosting company and easily compare between both of them:

●       According to some websites, Liquid web is the fastest managed VPS.

●       It had ranked #7 for providing cloud.

●       #1 Ranked in Dedicated server hosting of 2021.

●       It provides users with the facility of  Hardware Management, Network management, OS and preinstalled Software support.

●       Time to time Pro-active security patches and updates.

●       Pro-active service monitoring and restoration.

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#2 Nexcess: Best WordPress & E-commerce hosting

Nexcess is the Brand of  Liquid Web that focused on WordPress and other CMS for content sites and e-commerce. Nexcess is a world-famous Web hosting company or platform started in 2000.

“The Nexcess”, provides an abundant number of features and services that help you to grow your business, shop, application and Blogs online on the Internet.  Better is built-in fully managed Hosting from Nexcess. The team of Nexcess is consistently reliable, responsive, and customer success oriented.

Key Features Of Nexcess:

Nexcess is a world-famous platform of Web hosting that provides its users with world-class features at easily affordable prices.

●       The services of Nexcess are all time ready for volume spikes.

●       It provides double protection security to your site and ensures safety to keep your sire sound.

●       Provides Its customer with the speed that is needed for a growing business.

●       Support team available 24 hours contact anytime through Emails, Phone calls, and live chat.

●       Have more than 20 years of relative experience.

●       500000+ websites are under management.

●       There are more than 10 servers of Nexcess in the world.

●       It is a Magento Association Platinum Partner.


Services Offered By Nexcess:

Nexcess provides its users with extraordinarily cool features at a very cheap price. That everyone can afford the subscription of their products, no need to pay large amounts, and can grow your business, store, application and Blogs very easily. Given below are services provides:




1. Fully managed Magento

Fully featured Ecommerce platform that builds for high traffic sites.


2. Fully Managed WooCommerce

Affordable, highly performant and easy to scale E-commerce hosting.


3. Store Builder By Nexcess

Built-in intelligence creates a unique homepage for your WooCommerce store.


4. BigCommerce for WordPress

Headless E-commerce that supports high traffic sites.


5. Fully managed WordPress hosting

A highly customizable and most popular solution for content management.


6. Drupal

Highly scalable and configurable platform, ideal for healthcare and educational sites.


7. Expression Engine

Easy setup, flexible, and feature-rich content editor.


8. Craft CMS

Theme-free, simple, secure and customizable sites.


9. Fully managed WordPress

Automatic updates with regression testing, unlimited Email, free SSL certificates, intuitive tool scaling, and over 58000 free plugins.


10.  Membership Sites with WP quickstart Nexcess

Powerful membership tools from RCP.


11. Fully Managed WooCommerce

Limitless Customization at an affordable prize built on WordPress


12. Expression Engine

Easy setup with out of the box features for LMS sites.



Extra Features Provided:

●       Website margins of Nexcess provide you with some free services.

●       Nexcess provides its customer’s scalability, ready for volume spikes

●       It provides Autoscaling for traffic Surges.

●       Nexcess Provides cloud accelerators for drive performance.

●       It Has a feature of Customizable Technology Stack

●       Nexcess provides its customers with PCI Compliant Infrastructure for secure processing

●       It provides Admired Partner and Affiliate Program.

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Difference Between Liquid Web & Nexcess Hosting

Liquid Web is a leader in hosting solutions like VPS and Dedicated servers. On the other hand, Nexcess is focused on WordPress and other CMS for content sites and e-commerce.


Final Conclusions 

They both almost bear equal ratings according to our research. Now, it all depends upon your demands and requirements. If you want web hosting at a low price then go for Nexcess and if your budget is good and want premium and exotic features then go with Liquid Web.

In my opinion, The freshers in e-commerce and blogging must go with Nexcess because you have much more to learn from this platform. The main point is that it is cheap, so one can afford it easily.

But if you own a website having engagements in millions then you must go with the Liquid web, because now you have an adequate budget and need premium features to grow more. Liquid Web is best for you.

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